Product Design February 9, 2023

Booker – Plataforma de Livros

I worked at Booker, a digital product aimed at bringing readers together and fostering literature by creating innovative features for an enhanced social experience. Our goal was to build a vibrant community where book enthusiasts could connect, share ideas, and explore their literary passions. Proud to contribute to this meaningful initiative!

  • Strategy

    Mobile App

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    UI/UX Design

  • Client


  • My Role

    Interaction Designer

Customer: Rafaela

Needs: Rafaela needs to find like-minded readers who share her literary interests, particularly in suspense, romance, and fantasy genres. She seeks a platform where she can engage in meaningful discussions, exchange book recommendations, and form connections.


Challenges: Rafaela faces the challenge of limited offline connections who share her passion for reading, which leaves her feeling isolated. She also needs to balance her busy schedule as a Journalism student and intern.


Solution: Online Literary Communities


Features: Online platforms such as forums, social media groups, and specialized reading apps provide Rafaela with spaces to connect, discuss, and share her love for reading. These platforms offer discussion threads, group events, and the opportunity to exchange ideas and book suggestions.


Value Proposition: Joining online literary communities allows Rafaela to discover new books, engage in thought-provoking conversations, and build friendships with fellow readers who share her interests. It offers a convenient way to connect without geographical limitations.


Deployment: Enhancing the Experience


Platform Selection: Rafaela should carefully choose the platforms that align with her preferences and goals, focusing on those with active and engaged members in her favorite genres.


Engagement Strategies: Rafaela can actively participate in discussions, initiate conversations, and contribute her own content such as reviews and recommendations to foster a vibrant community.


Offline Integration: Rafaela can integrate her online interactions with offline activities, attending local book club meetings or organizing in-person meet-ups to establish deeper connections.


Continuous Learning: Rafaela should stay open to exploring new literary genres and engaging in diverse discussions to broaden her reading horizons and make her interactions more enriching.


Key Takeaways:

The CSD analysis highlights that online literary communities offer a tailored solution to Rafaela’s need for connections with like-minded readers. By selecting the right platforms, actively engaging, and integrating online and offline interactions, Rafaela can enhance her reading experience and build a strong network of literary connections.

This analysis helps Rafaela make informed decisions on how to maximize the benefits of online literary communities, ensuring her journey towards meaningful connections and shared reading experiences.


The persona is an introverted and passionate reader who struggles to find people with similar literary tastes within her social circle. This leaves her feeling frustrated as she desires to share her readings, exchange ideas, and connect with others who share her passion for reading.


To solve this problem, the character discovered the “Booker” app, a virtual community of readers. With “Booker,” she found a space where she could connect with others who shared her literary interests. The app allowed her to share her readings, participate in lively discussions about featured books, and discover new authors and works. In this way, “Booker” provided her with the opportunity to connect with an enthusiastic community of readers, overcoming the previous difficulty of finding people with similar literary tastes.

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Context of the project:

The “Booker” project was developed at Cesar School, an institution recognized for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. Its proposal was to create a mobile application that would engage book clubs and foster a community of readers. The main goal was to make reading an interactive and enjoyable activity. Innovative approach “Booker” brought a unique approach by combining gamified challenges, responsive screens, and an ubiquitous experience for users. This combination of elements made reading a more engaging and accessible activity. Gamified challenges In the application, users were encouraged to participate in reading challenges such as book reading goals within a specific period, writing reviews, and engaging in discussions on literary topics. These challenges were presented in a gamified manner, with virtual rewards, points, and levels that enhanced the sense of achievement and progress. Responsive screens The “Booker” application featured responsive screens, adapting to different mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This provided a consistent experience for users, regardless of the device they were using.

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